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The zero gravity mobile game application that takes children on a journey across outer space

Taking kids on an unforgettable adventure across planets, milky ways and galaxies, the Zero Gravity mobile app was an out-of-the-box game that was created for leading global fashion retailer Tesco. Activated exclusively by the edgy print of a special Tesco branded t-shirt, this augmented reality app offered kids and teens the chance to connect their clothing with an engaging extraterrestrial gaming experience.

  • Transported into outer-space via the app.
  • Kids could then go on a series of adventures in augmented and virtual reality.
  • Challenges included jumping over asteroids, dodging past debris and travelling through space.

RB Quest the AR app that made history in the Maldives

The very first AR App to be launched in the Maldives, RB Quest was developed for Maldivian telecommunications giant Dhiraagu as part of the marketing campaign for its then upcoming mobile plan ‘Mamen’. RB Quest is an intriguing mini game that creatively portrays the offerings of ‘Mamen’, whilst taking users on a colourful journey filled with lots of little surprises. The scope of the game involves allowing users to explore various locations in the country in search of sea shells (also known as RB - Raalhu Bis), which are identified as the virtual currency in the ‘Mamen’ self-care mobile plan

  • Location based augmented reality gameplay
  • Users could locate the app and collect RBs in their surrounding
  • Animated avatar called “Kalo” helps the players in locating RBs
  • Intuitive leaderboard for grand prizes
  • Convert the virtual currency to actual value using the currency transfer to mamen app
  • Players with highest number of RBs were offered exciting grand prizes

Educating the rightway to wash hands

World Health Organization wanted to create a game to be promoted among the youth with the COVID-19 outbreak. The objective of the game was to educate the users the importance of washing hands and instilling the steps that needs to be followed.

  • Game be hosted in IMI Games as well as Facebook Instant Games
  • The ability to scale with Facebook platform
  • Rapid development and deployment

The Mega Run mobile game application

THE BIGGEST GAMING HIT IN SRI LANKA Adding a burst of fun to the Dialog user experience, Dialog Mega Run stands out as one of the finest and most successful works of Arimac’s gamification platform. With over a million downloads and a tremendous fan-base, the game has been an incredible hit which has significantly helped strengthen user engagement across the country.

  • The platform provides a multi-level gaming experience. Real-time leaderboard to keep track on winners.
  • Top-up activations and many digital rewards within the game itself.
  • Daily and weekly challenges to boost user engagement. Localized game concept to reach wider audience.

Keells Power Shopper

CAPTIVATING THE YOUTH AUDIENCE Keells partnered with IMI Games to bring Keells Power Shopper to life. The game was focused on creating a loop between customer purchase decision and a mobile game. Keells wanted to create top-of-the-mind among youth as a retail chain and this game was the catalyst to the task. For all purchases that meets a threshold of basket value a game voucher code is triggered. Using the game voucher users gets an power-up in the game. For weekly winner prizes were awarded – Completing the engagement loop.

  • Game vouchers connected with the Point of Sales (POS) system across 100+ locations
  • The game factored in 20 power ups varied gameplay creating excitement on each Game Voucher
  • PS4 giveaway each week for the winner

Harpo s Pizza Rush

FOODIES MEETING TECHIES Harpo’s Pizza partnered with IMI Games to bring Harpo’s Pizza Rush to life. The game was focused on creating a loop between upselling pizza and educating the customer on the process of making the Harpo’s Pizza. Harpo’s Pizza weekly pizza vouchers been given out for the winners giving them an additional reason to keep playing.

  • Subtle way of educating the customers on the pizza offering and the process involved in making Harpo’s
  • Educating the Menu to customer – familiarizing the content
  • An active channel to communicate with the fan-group and include promos

Connecting tea lovers with gamers

Dilmah Tea celebrating their 70th Anniversary with partnership with IMI Games created a hyper-casual game supporting the true essence of brewing a cuppa. Game was released as part the global campaign and showed participation across borders uniting the tea lovers under on competition. Dilmah TeaMaker is first of many games to be released with this partnership with a view of creating a youth affiliated group excited around Dilmah Tea in the global footprint.

  • Educating the tea making process and How its Unique at Dilmah
  • Global Leaderboard competition to drive competition
  • Distribution on Native App and PWA (Bundle offer) ensuring the discoverability of the game via Dilmah Website

The iOS & Android mobile game that got fans jumping for joy

With a rhythm entirely of its own, Bak Bak beckons you to jump your way through a vibrant digital world in the footsteps of a little frog. Timing is of the essence in this simple, yet thrilling digital experience that requires the perfect mix of concentration and coordination.

  • Filled with power jumps.
  • Colour changes to indicate different moves and hidden surprises along the way.
  • Offers an easy gaming experience for all ages.

Sharing the spirit of avurudu with a themed customer game festival

Designed to reach out to the country’s ardent malt lovers and celebrate the joy and festivities of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, the Nestomalt Avurudu Portal helped increase awareness about the Nestomalt brand by driving consumer engagement via a fun array of Avurudu-themed games. Employing vivid and vibrant gaming technology, the app modernized popular Avurudu traditions to help the Nestomalt brand reach out to thousands of youth in a creative and engaging way.

  • Targeted and effectively engaged urban and suburban youth. The gaming experience brought classic Avurudu activities such as kottapora, lissana gasa negima, kana muttiya bindima, aliyata esa thebima, gama haraha diwima and kamba edima to mobile phones and tablets across the island.
  • Unique Avurudu experience online through user logins and profiling.
  • Offered leaderboards, social sharing options and the mobile hub through which users could send Avurudu greetings.

Augmented reality based real life rewarding game

The gaming application was designed with a view of creating platform to host games and gaming competitions targeting the Augmented Reality (AR) Games success in the recent past. The application hosted number of tournaments to engage users physically in quests to find out real-life redeemable rewards using the application

  • Ability to host AR based games to engage users
  • Backend support to drive competitions to understand the user behavior and insight analytics
  • Platform for other brands to support augment reality based games

The ultimate game for unleashing your energy

Tapping into the various spiritual energies of the human body, this innovative gaming experience makes direct use of the player’s cognitive power to take him/her on a unique journey based on each chakra (yoga concept).

  • Gameplay and atmosphere changes based on the chakra level (or cognition) of the player making it more personalized and intuitive.

A virtual cricket game for milo that got thousands of fans batting and bowling in style

Designed to connect fans with the world’s most popular chocolate malt beverage brand Milo, this virtual cricket game encapsulated a superior, life-like sporting experience that was packed with moments of fun and action. Known as an energy drink that has long been associated with sports and vitality, this advanced gaming experience served as an effective brand engagement initiative which strengthened Milo’s connection with its consumers and brought the thrill of the game to life in screens across the island.

  • We used advanced AI technology that enabled the game to be played in real time.
  • Delivered an active and energized gaming experience. Gamers were able to bowl against Angelo Mathews (Milo’s brand ambassador).
  • The advanced motion capturing technology delivered stunning realism with every action.

Immersive batter experience

Designed with the objective of replicating the batter experience in a virtual environment SUPER OVER is a virtual batter simulator. Physics supporting life-like batter experience with shot variation is purely defined by the player giving 100% freedom in gameplay. With varied bowlers and game modes SUPER OVER is the ideal crowd-puller specially the die-hard fans of the sport.

  • Advanced batter tracking to ensure 100% freedom in shot making for the player
  • In depth analytics of player performance and instant replay on the SUPER OVER he/she faced
  • Ability to host tournaments making the game more of a team digital engagement experience

Enriching the personal brands with games

Game was developed as an initiative to grow the personal brand of Yureni Noshika where she wanted to create a game with her character been placed. The importance of social influencers creating new avenues to reach their followers is growing rapidly and this is one instance where Yureni made a campaign for Valentine’s Day using a custom hyper casual game

  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Custom leaderboard and multi-operator subscription for the game
  • Instant play feature with One Tap

Keells Millionaire

CONNECTING INSTANT REWARDS Keells partnered with IMI Games to bring Keells Millionaire Campaign to life. The game was focused on creating a loop between upselling the basket value of customers along with connecting instant rewards. The game was accessed by all the users who have shopped for a specified basket value ONLY. By taking part of the game users are given chance to have instant rewards that gives them opportunity to redeem on-site along with shot at grand prize of LKR 1,000,000

  • Game vouchers connected with the Point of Sales (POS) system across 100+ locations
  • Instant Rewards | Rewards Management
  • Driving engagement with strategy on gifts and gameplay to enhance addictive play